Student Registration

Thank you for choosing Airport Community Schools. We are glad you are here! The Airport Community Schools district is proud to offer high quality programs and opportunities for all students. We are here to help you through the enrollment process and welcome you to our learning community.

Follow the steps below to begin your new student's registration. For more information about getting your child ready for kindergarten, along with answers to some frequently asked questions, check out this resource.

If you are applying for out of district School of Choice, please also visit the Schools of Choice page.

2. After Pre-Enrollment Form

Complete the online registration forms that you will receive via email after the registrar reviews your pre-enrollment form. Please note that the following items will need to be uploaded for you to complete the registration process:

  • Birth certificate

  • Immunization records

  • Drivers License (parent/guardian)

  • 2 acceptable Proofs of Residency

  • Completed Hearing & Vision Screening (incoming Young 5s or Kindergarten)

The following items ARE acceptable Proofs of Residency:

  • Driver's license (current address), electric bill or deposit receipt, gas bill or deposit receipt, cable bill, water bill, mortgage statement, bill of sale for place of residence, current property tax bill, completed lease/rental agreement.

The following items ARE NOT acceptable Proofs of Residency:

  • Junk mail, medical bills, credit card bills, bank statements, phone bill, etc.

In the event you are not the homeowner, the following steps must be taken:

  • The homeowner must accompany the parent/guardian attempting to register

For Kindergarten and Young 5s:

  • Proof of Hearing and Vision test within 6 months of starting school

For student in grades 9-12:

  • High school transcript

Other documents:

  • Custody paperwork (if applicable)

  • A copy of your child's most recent IEP (in the event your child has been previously receiving Special Education Services)

3. The Final Step

You will receive a telephone call from the building secretary giving you your child's start date, building assignment, transportation information, etc. The PowerSchool Parent Portal used throughout the registration process will house your student's bussing information.

The following secretaries coordinate registration for the corresponding grade levels:

Diane Long, Grades 9-12

Theresa Lassiter, Grades 7-8

Tara McDonald, Grades 5-6

Sharon Souva, Grades Young 5s-4

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