The transportation department understands that there might need to be changes to your child's daily bus schedule.

If your student will be Picked Up or Dropped Off at any location other than their home address, including day care, you are required to fill out a Bus Exception Form. This form must be filled out every school year.

To contact First Student, the district's transportation provider, call 734-654-3433.

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Public Act 49

According to Public Act 49, amending Michigan State Law 257.1859 (Section 59), an individual other than an authorized person shall not enter a school bus without the permission of the driver of the school bus (Subsection 4) and shall not impede the progress or operation or both of a school bus (Subsection 5).

A person that violates Subsection 4 or 5 is responsible for a civil infraction and may be ordered to pay a civil fine of not more than $500.