Mission Statement

It is the mission of Airport Community Schools to provide educational opportunities that will prepare our students to be college, career and life ready.

Vision Statement

Airport Community Schools will create an exemplary learning community where students, teachers and parents collaborate to achieve academic excellence. These collaborative efforts will result in educational opportunities that are rigorous, go beyond the school walls into the community, and meet the needs of every student. The necessary instructional resources and technology will be relevant, accessible to all students and integrated into the classroom learning environment.

Belief Statements

We believe:

  • Airport Community Schools is committed to excellence.

  • Airport Community Schools is a vital part of the community and the primary means for improving the quality of life for its citizens

  • learning can best be achieved when it extends beyond the four walls of the classroom into the community.

  • optimal learning takes place when teachers, parents, students and the community are engaged in a partnership.

  • a primary goal of educators is to prepare students to be independent thinkers. These educators must encourage students’ emotional growth and maturity by teaching critical thinking skills.

  • by providing opportunities which incorporate personal, academic, social and career aspirations, students will graduate prepared for college, career and life.

  • by providing an environment in which students feel comfortable taking educational risks, we will build the confidence of individual students to succeed in life.

  • confidence, responsibility, work ethic and respect for others are essential components of the teaching and learning process.

  • the educational process will accommodate the unique abilities of learners.