Six classrooms at Wagar

This addition (north of media center, 920 sqft classrooms; 7,520 sqft total) would support the district's increased enrollment.

There has been an increase of more than 150 new students over two years.

HS/MS Bus Area

This project would stage 30 buses (approximately 70,000 sqft) in front of Airport High School to improve campus safety by providing a designated space for school pick up and drop off.

This proposed bus area would improve the congestion during start and dismissal times, along with providing additional event parking.

Band/Chorus Addition at Wagar

This addition (2,575 sqft, band room; 3,125 sqft, total) would eliminate middle school band and choir students from traveling to Airport High School for instruction due to insufficient space to house the classes daily at Wagar Middle School.

Elevator at Wagar

The addition of an elevator would allow wheelchair users to access the second floor.

It would also eliminate the need to move classrooms each year to accomodate students with disabilities and those with injuries.

Football/Track Stadium

This project would replace the existing six lane track with eight lanes and allow the district to host district and regional track and field events.

The football field would be replaced with turf, allowing use of the field by additional groups.

Performing Arts Center

This building (14,560 sqft ground level; 7,620 sqft second floor) would provide a performance space for the district's art programs, such as band, choir, elementary music concerts and plays. It would include a scene shop, dressing rooms, office, concessions, elevator, stairs and a control booth.

Seating 600-650 people, it would also provide ample space for audience members. The facility could also be rented to outside organizations for events like dance recitals.

Concession Stand/Indoor Restrooms

Thisbuilding (2,250 sqft) would replace the portable bathrooms currently used for events.

It would also expand concessions offered through the Airport Athletic Boosters.

Auxiliary Gym

This area would include auxiliary gym space (15,700 sqft), a wrestling room (3,600 sqft), a weight room addition (1,900 sqft), storage, toilet rooms and a ticket counter.

It would create a space for the competitive cheerleading and wrestling teams to practice.

Tennis Courts

THe addition of eight tennis courts (64,00 sqft) would allow the boys and girls tennis teams to practice at school, rather than traveling to Monroe YMCA daily to practice, and the district could host home tennis events.

The courts would be available to the communtiy.