Six classrooms at Wagar

This addition (north of media center, 920 sqft classrooms; 7,520 sqft total) would support the district's increased enrollment. There has been an increase of more than 150 new students over two years.

It would reduce class sizes and prepare the building for a projected boost in enrollment. This would result in an improved learning environment for students and staff members. 

Elevator at Wagar

The addition of an elevator would improve Wagar's accessibility by allowing wheelchair users and those with injuries to access the second floor.

Currently, classrooms are moved yearly to accommodate students with disabilities or injuries. An elevator would eliminate that annual process. 

Band/Chorus Addition at Wagar

This addition (2,575 sqft, band room; 3,125 sqft, total) would create a designated space for middle and junior high school band classes, which currently travel from Wagar to Airport High School for instruction.

Students traveling between buildings creates safety issues related to security and inclement weather. 

Wagar Window Replacement

Window replacement at Wagar Middle & Junior High School is included in the bond proposal. Wagar was built in 1953. In the 1953 portion of the building, the windows are original. 

New windows would improve building safety, energy efficiency and air flow in warm classrooms. 

AHS/Wagar Bus Area

This project would stage 30 buses (approximately 70,000 sqft) in front of Airport High School to improve campus safety by providing a designated space for school pick up and drop off.

When not in use by buses, the area would provide additional campus event parking.  

Auxiliary Gym

This multi-purpose facility (28,500 sqft) would include an auxiliary gym space for academic and extracurricular use with bleachers, restrooms (accessible from stadium) and storage.

It would also include an expanded weight room, incorporating the existing weight area, The Hangar.