Wagar Building - Current
Wagar floor plan
Average Wagar Class Sizes

Red = Greater than 29 students

Yellow = 24-28 students

Blue = Less than 24 students

Grey = Required support spaces (not classrooms)

What does this mean?

Maintaining manageable class sizes is vital in providing the best possible learning environment for both students and teachers. 

For the 2023-24 school year, Wagar Middle & Junior High School has 16 classrooms with an average of 29 or more students. There aren't any classrooms with less than an average of 24 students, with the exception of our special education classrooms, such as the Monroe County Intermediate School District Local-Based Special Education (LBSE) classrooms, which require smaller learning environments.   

Should Wagar's total school enrollment increase, class sizes would grow even larger, as all of the building's spaces are in use by students or staff members (see map). Manageable class sizes are related to improved classroom management and individualized instruction. 

According to the district's Student Count data, Wagar's enrollment is projected to increase by more than 125 students over six years, from 2022-2028. This includes only the district's currently enrolled students, without consideration of new enrollments – those who may move into the district or transfer from another school district. By 2026, data projects Wagar's total student enrollment to reach nearly 870 students (excluding new enrollments), which is an increase of more than 30 students from the last Student Count. Then it will spike to more than 900 by 2028. 

An addition of six classrooms at Wagar would allow the district to accomodate additional students without sacrificing the need for manageable class sizes. 

Wagar Projected Enrollment

This graph shows enrollment projections for Wagar Middle & Junior High School based on current district enrollment.

It illustrates the estimated student population growth without consideration of new enrollments (those who do not currently attend Airport Community Schools, but may enroll). Wagar's population is projected to increase by more than 125 students over six years, from 2022-2028. Source: District Count Data