Nutrislice Partnership

Our exclusive partnership with Nutrislice brings the latest technology to help make menus, nutrition and allergy information easy to access for your students and families in all of our schools.

We've taken the student experience to the next level by creating a customized solution via the mobile app, dynamic websites, and digital signage integrated to our proprietary menu planning software – Webtrition.

Combined with a custom portfolio of more than 1,000 original photos of what's actually on the menu, recipe descriptions and latest news, our partners have given this solution rave reviews!

Click here to watch a video on how to use Nutrislice.

After School Snack Program

After School Snack Program is available at Airport High School, Wagar Middle & Junior High School, Eyler Elementary and Ritter Elementary.

After school snacks are available to schools offering an after school educational and enrichment program.