Education Benefits Form - ACS Students

All Airport Community Schools students are asked to complete the Education Benefits Form (at right).

Even though meals will be provided for free, it is important for families to fill out this form to ensure our schools receive full access to federal and state funding for educational programs that help our students. Your family may even qualify to receive discounted school fees, class materials, utilities support or other assistance.

All information shared is confidential and protected.

The Education Benefits Form may also be completed online at this link.

Free & Reduced Application - Non-Airport Students

Students from the following schools or programs are asked to complete the Free & Reduced Application (at left). This applies to students from:

  • Holy Ghost

  • St. Patrick School

  • Head Start Preschool (3 year old)

  • Great Start Readiness Program Preschool (4 year old)

This application may also be completed online at this link.