Red Rover Instructions

Log In to Red Rover Here

Create an Absence (Quick Create):

1. Log in to the Red Rover website.

2. From the home page, select the date(s) of your absence(s) by clicking on the corresponding dates on the "Absence Create" calendar.

3. Below the calendar, click the "Reason" dropdown menu, and select the reason for your absence.

4. Under "Times," choose if your absence is for a Full Day, Half Day AM or Half Day PM (teachers), or an Hourly absence (hourly employees). If your settings allow, choose whether your absence will require a substitute.

5. Click "Quick Create" to submit your absence, or select "Add Additional Details" to enter additional information. That's it - You will receive your absence confirmation number and Red Rover will take it from there!

If your absence requires special notes, files or substitute information, click here to see step-by-step instructions to "Add Additional Details."