May 2015  
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Airport High School


Airport Virtual Academy


Wagar Middle School

7/8 Grades – 7:23AM-2:14PM

Wagar Middle School

5/6 Grades – 8:40AM-3:31PM

Eyler Elementary


Ritter Elementary


Sterling Elementary


Niedermeier Center for Education

7:40AM-2:51PM (Mon-Thur)


Airport High School's Commencement Ceremony
Friday, May 29, 2015 - 6:00PM
Airport High School Football Field
We are pleased to be able to offer multiple seating options to meet our guests’ needs. 
  1. Airport’s grandstands seat approximately 1,700 guests
  2. Three rows of chairs will be seated on the track directly in front of the grandstands to accommodate guests in wheelchairs, elderly, and others who are not able to walk up into the grandstand seating area. Please limit those accompanying these guests to one or two people so that all who are in need may be accommodated.
  3. Smaller bleachers will be available on either side of the chairs for guests who do not require chair seating but are not able to access the large grandstands.

We do not require tickets for admission; all are welcome to attend.  Please be considerate of other student families and guests when choosing your seating arrangements.  Our goal is to accommodate everyone’s seating needs and present a fitting ceremony for our graduates, parents, grandparents, and honored guests.  There will be much to celebrate on this special day!

  • Valet service (golf cart type) will be available for those who need assistance moving from the parking lot to the seating area.Paved “drop off” area is available by the concession stand.A golf cart valet will take these guests to the seating area of their choice.
  • The concession stand will be open and available and will sell light refreshments.Also, a selection of Jet Alumni design apparel will be featured for sale.

The class of 2015 will parade past the grandstands, providing everyone a photo opportunity.  We hope you enjoy this commencement ceremony as we celebrate Airport’s Class of 2015.


Your child must be:

         Complete & print additional registration forms

Tuition Preschool Registration 2015

Three Year Old Tuition Preschool Information
Three Year Old Tuition Preschool Registration

Four Year Old Tuition Preschool Information
Four Year Old Tuition Preschool Registration

Please call (734) 654-6846 for additional information.

Great Start Readiness Four Year Old Preschool Enrollment

  • Free to those who income qualify
  • Full day program available Monday-Thursday
  • Transportation provided within district

Additional information regarding GSRP
GSRP Registration

Please call (734) 654-6846 for more information.

Any family interested in hosting a foreign exchange student with World Heritage Exchange Students Program can contact Joe Douglas at the contact areas listed for more information. 

 Joseph Douglas
734- 244-6895

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Follow this link to watch the Fox2 News Report of Connor Bint's Toy Drive: We are so proud! #JetPride #PrayforConnor

Stay Healthy Jets!

Reports of Enterovirus D-68 have been circulating the country and media as of late, although there have been no confirmed cases of EV-D68 in Michigan yet. Regardless, we have some healthy suggestions for our students and families to avoid the virus. 

1) Frequently wash hands with warm water and soap for 20 seconds. 
2) Avoid touching eyes, mouth, nose with unwashed hands. 
3) Avoid close contact (kissing, hugging), sharing cups/utensils/drinks with people who are sick. 
4) Disinfect frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs, remote controls, and computer keyboards. 
5) If you have asthma, be extra diligent about taking your asthma control medicines during flu season. 

There is no cause for alarm! Just practice these precautionary habits and stay healthy, Jets! For more information about Enterovirus D-68 click here

Airport Athletic Booster Club is Having a Raffle 
150 Club Raffle - Drawings are held October through June at our monthly meetings.  Every month, one $250 prize and a $25 prize for each Monday of that month is awarded.  The donation is $50 per membership and you need not be present to win.  If anyone is interested, please call Heidi Tomasik at (734) 755-5334.

Jack of Spades Raffle
The Jack of Spades Raffle Card Game has arrived.  The proceeds will go to help fund our 5th grade camp.  Tickets available at Anson's and Carleton Pharmacy.  The price of the tickets are $1.00 each with a 60/40 prize pool.  Drawings will begin June 25 and every Wednesday after that, as specified on the back of the tickets.  We are looking for volunteers to help sell tickets, help on Wednesday nights or even help in several other ways.  If you can help out, please contact Nikki Martel at 654-1802 or e-mail Judi Pershing at

Channel 4 News Coverage of Airport student, Robbie McKnight Robotic Hand

Channel 4 News Coverage Link

Preschool and Bright Beginnings Child Care information, click on the Early Childhood QUICKLINK to the left of your screen.

Outnumber Hunger Information
Outnumber Hunger Flyer

To report an absence to any of our schools please call:

Airport High School - 734-654-6208 then press 1

Wagar Middle School - 734-654-6205 then press 1

Eyler Elementary School - 734-654-2121 then press 1

Ritter Elementary School - 734-379-5335

Sterling Elementary School - 734-654-6846 then press 1

Niedermeier Center for Education - 734-654-8694 then press 1


Airport Virtual Academy

Airport Virtual Academy (AVA) is available for students in grades 6-12.  All course offerings are supported by highly-qualified, certified teachers.  Interested students may enroll into the lab or beginning 2013-14, may attend courses through our Seat-Time Waiver  (STW) program.

Ava Offers:
- Experienced Staff
- Multiple curriculum options to develop student plans to meet individual needs
- Brick and mortar school
- Blended schedules available
- Enrichment courses
- Opportunities to participate in interscholastic athletic programs, clubs, music and art programs
- Online classes that can be taken anyplace, anytime, anywhere, FREE

Lab/On-Line Offerings
Students who are looking for on-line classes during their traditional school day can create opportunities through the coordination of Mr. Mensing and their school counselor.  AVA has an expansive course offering list that includes general and advanced courses, elective and enrichment courses, and credit recovery opportunities.  

Seat Time Waiver Program
Students interested in taking classes through the STW program are encouraged to contact Jason Mensing at 734-869-7AVA to set up an appointment. After the initial phone/email conversation, parents/guardians and students are required to complete the pre-enrollment forms available on the left, under Enrollment.  Initial meetings will include discussions regarding student's needs and establishing an educational plan that will facilitate maximal growth. A curriculum, a highly-qualified teacher, and a mentor teacher will then be assigned. This will be the beginning of building a strong relationship and offering support to the student’s social and academic needs during their enrollment.  

We look forward to working with you and developing an individual academic plan that works for you.

CALL 734-869-7AVA for more information.